The Best Places to Retire in Georgia

The Best Places to Retire in Georgia

Georgia has become a popular destination for retirees looking for a lifestyle upgrade as they enter their golden years. Comparatively speaking, the cost of living and building a custom home here is much more reasonable than in places like Florida, and yet it’s still very easy to get to a fantastic beach in a short amount of time! 

In fact, if you’re looking for the best places to retire in Georgia near the beach, but you want to avoid the touristy areas actually on the beach, may we present Lake Country, GA. There’s boating, swimming, golfing, fishing, relaxing, and many other fun activities that make it hard to get bored (unless you really want to). Georgia has four seasons, but winter is usually quite mild. There’s also a major airport in Atlanta, so it’s easy to travel when you want to or to accommodate a family visit. There is plentiful natural beauty all around, especially here in Lake Oconee, GA.

Let's take a look at four of some of the best small towns in Georgia to retire and live the good life:

1. Greensboro, GA

Situated on the northeastern side of Lake Oconee, this small town is big on charm. There are some amazing lakeside views just outside of town with plenty of room to choose some property to build a custom home or renovate one of the gracious older homes already here.

The town itself is pedestrian-friendly, and you can shop in the boutiques, scout out the area’s history, and dine in some of the best eateries in the area. Spend your weekends browsing the antique shops and art galleries, or spend a day at the spa!

This is also a jumping-off point for many lake adventures, including fishing and boating - not to mention all of the pristine golf courses in the area. Greensboro is home to the National Golf Course, the Oconee Golf Course, and the Preserve Golf Course. In fact, Greensboro is not far from Augusta if you’re passionate about golf tournaments. Our next town is closer to the Atlanta side of things...

2. Madison, GA

On the northwest side of Lake Oconee, you’ll find Madison, which is well-known for being a great place to walk around, go horseback riding and delve deep into the rich history of the area. Start your walking tour (there’s even an app for that!) at the Madison Morgan County Welcome Center, where they are happy to tell you about all of the historic homes you can visit.

You may feel so inspired that you might decide to plan your own gracious custom home on this side of the lake! (Take a look through our gallery for some ideas!) Again, Madison is close to the lake, so you can still enjoy all of the lake activities mentioned in Greensboro - just on the western side. Keep in mind that both Greensboro and Madison are also close to the Oconee National Forest (just a bit north of here), which is another scenic wonder worth exploring many times over.

3. Eatonton, GA

We admit to feeling a little partial to Eatonton here in Lake Country, and that’s because we live here ourselves! The architecture here skews between antebellum, Victorian, and Gothic styles, and preservation of history is a central theme. It’s the home of famous authors Alice Walker and Joel Chandler Harris.

There are enough boutiques, galleries, and eateries of note here to keep you busy for years discovering new things, all in an easy-to-explore-on-foot downtown. In fact, one of the reasons we love Eatonton so much is that it’s not only close to Lake Oconee, it’s also close to Lake Sinclair.

There’s never a shortage of lakeside fun to be had, which is why so many retirees are taking a close look at, buying land and building homes here. We think it’s the best place to live in Georgia, but we’ll leave that to you to decide. There’s one more town we want to talk about…

4. Milledgeville, GA

Milledgeville is at the southern edge of Lake Sinclair and is just as loaded with charm and activity as the previous three Lake Country towns. Folks here love to go out on the lake, just for a relaxing day on a boat, or to cast a line and bring home a fish dinner.

Milledgeville has its share of architectural charm and history as well, and there are plentiful homes to tour as you get ideas for your own custom home in the area. Sticking to Georgia’s deep literary roots, Flannery O’Connor lived and wrote not far from here as well. Not only are there boutiques, museums, and galleries to visit, but art studios and really great antique shopping. And Bartram Forest is a great place for a nature hike.


PAXISgroup Welcomes You Home to Lake Country Georgia

So, if you’re wondering where to retire in Georgia, you have a lot of options all around Lake Country. At PAXISgroup, we are excited to help you plan and budget for your dream home by the lake so that you can enjoy the rich, active retiree lifestyle we’ve created here in Lake Country. Schedule an appointment to talk with us about your design ideas, we’ll make our expert suggestions, and let’s get started. Welcome home!


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