Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor for Your Lake Oconee Custom Home

Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor for Your Lake Oconee Custom Home

If you’re considering building a custom home on Lake Oconee, you may be wondering whether to hire a design-build company for your design and construction services. Or, you may be wondering what a design-build company is in the first place. Either way, we’ve got some answers for you. PAXISgroup has been in the homebuilding game since 2003, and we have plenty of home-building resources to share. Keep reading to learn about design-build and discover how it can benefit the custom lake homes construction process!

What is Design-Build & How is it Different From Design-Bid-Build? 

Most home construction projects follow the design-bid-build method. In this process, the homeowner has four primary responsibilities: hire a designer to draw up building plans; put the project out to bid; hire a contractor for construction; and function as the go-between for your designer and contractor throughout the construction process. Feeling exhausted just thinking about it? You’re not alone. This can be a demanding role for any homeowner. It becomes your responsibility to communicate to your designer and contractor if design plans need to be changed; it also leaves you in charge of mediating disputes, which can be more common than you’d think.

But the design-build process challenges the traditional model of homebuilding. Instead of hiring a separate designer and contractor to work on a project, design-build contractors offer all homebuilding services your project needs under a single roof — a real two birds, one stone type of situation! Having a design-build team streamlines the entirety of the homebuilding process, saving you a lot of headaches along the way. Plus, with a design-builder, you’ll have a team of professionals collaborating to create the perfect custom home for you. No more designer-contractor disputes!

Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor

Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor?

It’s Time & Cost-Effective

The advantage of design-build, as previously mentioned, is that designers and builders have the opportunity to work together in a cooperative environment. When you have great minds working together like that, exchanging ideas, and coming up with solutions, you’re more likely to get quality results for a better price. Also, because design-build companies, like PAXISgroup, complete your custom home from start to finish, we take pride in our work; and are committed to providing our customers cost-effective design and superior quality! Your team will implement creative solutions that look great and save you money. 

Having all your design-build professionals working under one roof also saves time. With communication channels that provide easy access to their colleagues, your design-build team can quickly make changes to design plans and problem-solve to help your project stay on schedule. These established communication channels also make miscommunication less common, which will make both the design and construction processes flow smoothly 

Better Teamwork Equals a Better Experience 

The benefit of a design-build team is that they collaborate to help save you time, money, and communication troubles; but, more than that, working with a design-builder provides you an optimal custom home building experience. Your design-build team will be with you from day one to the day you move into your custom home. Working so closely with them will allow your team to get to know you and what you need in a home. Then they’ll start making suggestions to help your home better suit your needs, personality, and lifestyle.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind 

We’d be lying if we said building a lakefront home doesn’t come with challenges. But if you go with a design-builder, you needn’t worry about any obstacles that may befall your custom home construction. Because design-build teams are collaborative in nature, they have a much easier time adjusting to any changes that need to be made. More importantly, though, your design-build firm assumes the contractual risk during the build, which isn’t the case in design-bid-build processes. 

Beautiful dark wood front door with white wood panel walls.

We can’t speak for all design-build companies, but PAXISgroup is committed to building homes that enhance the lives of our clients. We aren't just in the business of building homes, we're in the business of building lifestyles. With a team of accomplished professionals, we’ve done everything from townhomes to multi-million dollar renovations in 19 states. Think PAXISgroup might be the lakefront home builder for you? Contact us to get started!

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