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Why Choose PAXISgroup for Your Lake Oconee Custom Home Build

Why Choose PAXISgroup for Your Lake Oconee Custom Home Build

If you’re considering building a custom home on Lake Oconee, you're likely shopping for the best design-build home builder in Georgia for your design and construction services. Our unique offerings of a 12-month warranty, portfolio of available building lots, and new remodeling service make us the premier custom home builder in Georgia's Lake Country! 

If you're mulling over what questions to ask custom home builders or just wondering which direction PAXISgroup will take your custom lake home, read on to see why you should choose PAXISgroup for your Lake Oconee custom home build.

Our Proven Design-Build Process 

Our design-build process challenges the traditional model of homebuilding. Our expertise is the intersection of the art of custom home construction and the science of meticulous planning, unfolding a journey that transforms your dream of a custom lake home into a living, breathing reality. When you work with PAXISgroup as your Lake Oconee builder, your vision for a perfect home is crafted into a tangible masterpiece right here in Georgia Lake Country. Our design-build team can walk you through choosing or designing your plan, picking customization options, modifying layouts, or even choosing a bespoke option. If you choose a bespoke option, it's a seamless transition to working with our architects and designers as they transform your dreams into blueprints.

Partnering with PAXISgroup as your design-build team streamlines the entirety of the custom home-building process, saving you a lot of headaches along the way. We know the answers to the questions that you have for any custom home builder, and our time-proven process allows you to build your own home with ease and assurance.

Home Remodeling | PAXISgroup

Why PAXISgroup? Our 12-Month Warranty

The advantage of a design-build home builder like PAXISgroup is that designers and builders have the opportunity to work together in a cooperative environment. Because our team is involved in building your Lake Oconee custom home every step of the way, our brand is invested in every corner of your new home. Our 12-month warranty guarantees every step of our work in building a custom lake home. As a Georgia Lake Country builder, we believe in investing in our community with custom homes that will stand the test of time and trends. 

Having all your design-build professionals working under one roof also saves time. With communication channels that provide easy access to their colleagues, your design-build team can quickly change design plans and problem-solve to help your project stay on schedule. The pre-established communication channels also make miscommunication less common, which will make both the design and construction processes flow smoothly 

Not only are we comfortable with the custom home design process, but we also understand what questions you need to ask when building a custom home. We have the answers and welcome the questions. Our experience building lake houses and custom homes in Lake Oconee spans decades. It is no wonder we are known as one of Georgia's premier home builders.

Our Portfolio of Available Building Lots

Our years of experience as a Lake Oconee custom home builder and connections to the community have allowed us to have a broad portfolio of available building lots for you to choose from. As a client of PAXISgroup, you will be able to choose your pick of the most beautiful lots for custom lake homes in Lake Oconee. Our experience and brand recognition give you the best design-build experience as you build your own home in Georgia.

A custom lake home is only as valuable as its location. By working with PAXISgroup, you gain the advantage of having your selection of the best locations in Georgia's Lake Country. 

remodeling services | PAXISgroup

Our Remodeling Services

Another incredible feature of PAXISgroup is our remodeling service. If, as time progresses, you realize you want to change elements of your custom-designed home or simply add more to it, we remodel or renovate any space for you. The continuity from design-build construction to expert remodeler allows your home to show continuity at every phase. Our commitment to Georgia Lake Country and our clients is proven in both our design-build custom process and our remodeling services. We're invested in the community of Lake Oconee and our handiwork makes this area one of the best places to retire or live in Georgia. 

PAXISgroup Will Build Your New Home

We’d be lying if we said building a lakefront home doesn’t come with challenges. However, if you choose PAXISgroup, a design-builder with decades of experience building custom homes in Lake Oconee, we deal with the challenges for you. In that case, you don't need to worry about any obstacles that may befall your custom home construction. Our 12-month warranty, selection of beautiful lots, remodeling services, and countless testimonials all help ensure that your custom home-building experience will be as ideal as possible. Lake Oconee is the place we call home and we are excited to build more homes here that will stand the test of time. 

Custom kitchen | PAXISgroup

PAXISgroup is committed to building homes that enhance the lives of our clients. We aren't just in the business of building homes, we're in the business of building lifestyles. With a team of accomplished professionals, we’ve done everything from townhomes to multi-million dollar renovations in 19 states. Think PAXISgroup might be the lakefront home builder for you? Contact us and let us start building your custom lake home today!

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