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10 Timeless Kitchen Designs for Your Lake Oconee Custom Home

10 Timeless Kitchen Designs for Your Lake Oconee Custom Home

When you’re building your Lake Country home from the ground up, you’re investing in your future. You’ve likely been envisioning the perfect kitchen for you for many years, all while the trends in kitchen design come and go. Aligning your vision with a plan that will stand the test of time and thrill you for years to come is part of the joy of custom home design.

PAXISgroup is well-versed in designing and building timeless spaces for our client’s custom homes in Georgia’s Lake Country. Check out our portfolio for proof and plenty of lakehouse home design inspiration! Let’s dissect the details to include in your custom home’s kitchen to ensure you love it for a long time.

What Makes a Kitchen Timeless?

You’d hate to arrive at the realization of your dream home only to find it dated in a few short years. Timeless kitchen design stays relevant much longer. There are many methods to creating a kitchen that doesn’t give away the exact year it was designed. Here are some important aspects of your kitchen to consider when you’re aiming to keep things classic.

Find Your Love Letter

A timeless kitchen has a layout that works in any era. Most kitchen layouts are described with a letter whose shape closely approximates the shape. Choose a U, C, G, L, or I-shaped kitchen and add an island or two. Some kitchens, like one-wall or galley kitchens (two walls facing each other), don’t conform to the letter system. These smaller layouts are great for butler’s pantries and second kitchens.

Try a Triangle

A work triangle is a clear and unobstructed bath between your refrigerator, range, and sink in a triangle shape. Many kitchen designers have recommended a kitchen work triangle for decades. However, this recommendation is based on how average folks use their kitchen. Don’t be afraid to separate your cooktop and oven, add an extra sink, or choose a layout that works for you. That’s the joy of a custom kitchen.

Standard is Safer

Stunning Neutral tone Kitchen in Lake Country Georiga

Your appliances are one of the first things to date a well-designed kitchen. Though it’s difficult to predict how appliances will trend in the future, the best you can do is select standard-sized appliances so that an upgrade will be readily available. That doesn’t mean you have to have a small fridge or a too-small sink. Larger sizes are available in standard dimensions. 

Elements for Your Timeless Lake Country Kitchen

Your design and material selections are the most important aspect of keeping your guests guessing about your kitchen’s real age. Here are some of our designer’s top suggestions when clients crave classic continuity for their new Lake Country kitchens.


Timeless White Cabinets in Georgia Lake Country Home

Though few design trends last forever, the staying power of shaker cabinets and sleek slab cabinet doors suggest these are wise choices to keep your kitchen space both rooted in tradition and eternally relevant. Be careful with decorative add-ons, which often fall out of style faster.


Marble and granite countertops used to dominate high-end kitchens. Though they’re still great options with the right design, many more countertops in 2023 and beyond feature quartz. This durable surface includes stone elements in its composite surface and offers the elegance of a natural palette and superior performance. Consider other natural stone options if manufactured countertops aren’t right for you. 


Durable flooring is vital in your kitchen. Classic wood or stone tile are popular choices for kitchens in an era. Consider luxury vinyl tile or plank to provide the look of hardwood or natural stone with longer-lasting and lower-maintenance results.


Stay in Place

Your kitchen backsplash needs to protect your busy workspace and enhance the transition from countertop to upper cupboards. We recommend elegant backsplash tiles such as white glossy subway tile or a grand slab of natural stone that mirrors your countertops for a clean and polished look.


Natural light is timeless. Ensure your kitchen makes the most of the available light, and import some via a skylight, extra window, or solar tube if needed. Ensure every kitchen workspace has enough light, and add more interesting lighting fixtures and task lighting to provide options and intrigue. Add statement lighting to cement your vibe with a glowing focal point.


Coordinate your hardware, such as drawer handles and cabinet pulls, with the same metallic finish in your plumbing and light fixtures. Whether you choose brass, silver, or gold fixtures, stick to simple shapes to keep your selections eternally relevant.

Best Colors for Your Lake House Kitchen

We recommend choosing neutrals and natural tones for more permanent kitchen elements like cupboards, backsplashes, and countertops. Try tan, cream, taupe, and gray. Your lakefront home may have you yearning for nautical themes. We get it. If you’ve got your heart set on a blue or green kitchen or something even bolder, consider embracing a more versatile look by weaving these undertones into your neutrals and pick up the bolder end of the spectrum with more interchangeable items such as light fixtures and decor. 

Your Lake Oconee Dream Home Begins When You Call Us

If you’re considering a custom home in Georgia’s Lake Country, we’d love to be considered. PAXISgroup builds beautiful custom homes that make visions permanent realities and stand the test of time. Let’s talk about your custom home dreams together! Contact us today! 

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