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5 Things to Do in Lake Country, GA this Spring

5 Things to Do in Lake Country, GA this Spring

Spring in Georgia is slowly arriving and, after a long winter of being cooped up, it’s time to get out of the house and stretch your legs! If you’re searching for some activities to do in Georgia in spring, look no further than Lake Country. Made up of Eatonton, Greensboro, Milledgeville, and Madison, GA, Lake Country has everything from shopping and fine dining to natural wonders. As a team of local builders who’ve worked primarily in Lake Country since 2003, PAXISgroup knows the area pretty well. And we have a few recommendations on how you can enjoy the Georgia springtime in Country Lake. 

Whether you want to work up a sweat on a hike, rummage for hidden gems at an antique shop, or relax on a beach, Lake Country offers something for everyone!

1. Go on a Forest Adventure

Though the weather in Georgia in April can be somewhat rainy, spring is still one of the best times of the year to experience Georgia’s natural beauty; the forests are rich with new life and it’s before the squelching heat of summer sets in. Visit Rock Hawk Effigy and Trails, an outdoor recreation area with a plethora of educational displays along 30 miles of trails. The displays along the trails, wetlands and indoor and outdoor interpretive centers cover a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as years of history. Recreational opportunities include: camping, boating, fishing, archery, beach, hiking, biking, and nature watching. Additionally, you can spend your day at Oconee National Forest near Eatonton hiking, camping, biking, or swimming. Or for something a little different, head over to Oconee Forest Park, a 60-acre natural area that boasts rope courses, boardwalks, Georgia mountain biking, off-leash trails, and miles of hiking trails near Athens, GA.

2. Beach Day 

Beach Day

It’s called Lake Country for a reason, so don’t overlook the potential of a beach day. Inside Lake Country, you can choose from Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair, two of the largest lakes in Georgia. Combined, these two lakes offer 790 miles of scenic shoreline and 35,000 acres of water for you to explore. Or, if you don’t mind a little travel, you can head up to Lake Lanier or Lake Allatoona near Atlanta, two of the best vacation lakes in Georgia. If you want to make the most of your beach day, consider starting your day with fishing or boating, cooling off with a swim in the afternoon, and relaxing on the beach at sunset — just make sure you remember to reapply your sunscreen! 

3. Sample the Local Cuisine

Food always tastes better after a long day adventuring under the sun. And there are plenty of restaurants in Lake County where you can choose from southern dishes, barbeque, traditional American food, or anything else your taste buds desire! Try somewhere casual for lunch, then get dressed up and visit one of the many Lake Country restaurants on the water for a romantic dinner. We recommend identifying which restaurants you want to try out ahead of time — that way you don’t have to worry about making a decision when you’re tired from a day out and about!

4. Shop Around the Town

The cities and towns of Lake Country have much to offer. Each has its own unique history and draw, yet they have a shared charm that is typical of quaint southern communities. Explore the historic antebellum city of Eatonton, founded in 1808, where downtown hosts a multitude of antique shops and the lake area offers upscale shopping options. Check out the Welcome Center at the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce for history as well as various activities. Then golf at a world-class course, learn something at a museum or hit up the local markets and boutiques in Greensboro. Named one of the prettiest towns in the south by Southern Living Magazine in 2018, Madison is worth a stop too. The town has stunning architecture and a wide array of shops, restaurants, and attractions to entertain you. And don’t forget about Milledgeville! In addition to the shops and eateries you’d expect to see, Milledgeville is also home to a fun nightlife and entertainment scene as well as three college campuses. 

5. Give Golf a Swing 


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention golfing; after all, the Masters' Tournament is held in nearby Augusta in the first week of April every year. But even if you don’t spectate at the actual tournament, you can try out your own golf skills at any of the many golf courses scattered around Lake Country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a golf novice or expert, walking from green to green is an excellent way to shake off your winter stupor, get some exercise, and enjoy a day with your companions. 

Lake Country is a gorgeous place to experience springtime in Georgia. Full of a large variety of recreational activities, entertainment, events, shops, interesting places, beautiful homes, and great people, the bright and bubbly atmosphere of Lake Country is sure to help you come alive this spring. But Lake Country isn’t just a great place to visit, spend a day, and go home; it’s also an incredible place to live! Seriously, PAXISgroup has been in the community for almost two decades and we love it here. You can learn more about Lake Country life and building a home in the area with our custom home building guide

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