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How to Design Your Lake Oconee Custom Home with Entertaining in Mind

How to Design Your Lake Oconee Custom Home with Entertaining in Mind

If you're scrambling around the house, desperately rearranging furniture and wishing you had more space before the holiday festivities begin, chances are your home isn't built for entertainment. 

Unfortunately, it's too late in the season to change that before your guests arrive for the holidays. But now is the perfect time to make plans to build a lake house that meets all your entertainment needs in 2023. 

Gather inspiration with PAXISgroup's tips on what to consider when building a lake house for hosting! 

What Should I Add to My Custom Home? Entertainment Edition 

A custom home can be anything you want. Consider these gathering-friendly features that you and your guests will both love! 

Start with an Open Layout 

Most modern lake house architecture has an open floor plan, which is ideal for entertaining. An open layout allows you and your guests to move seamlessly from one area to another. It makes for a much better flow and sense of connectivity in your lake home interior design. Plus, you can quickly survey the entire party from one vantage point to ensure all your guests are having a great time! 

Good Lighting is a Must 

Mood lighting is everything. It can make your home feel warm and festive for the holidays or cool and laid back for relaxed hangouts with friends. Pay attention to the lighting in every room of your house. Use overhead recessed lights for maximum coverage, task lighting for cooking in the kitchen, sconces for elegance, and pendants for a bit of pizzazz. 

Welcome with a Function-Forward Foyer 

The foyer sets the tone for your home and party. Good lighting here is a must; we also recommend putting a candle or wax burner nearby for a welcoming scent. Ensure you have room to hang all your guests' coats, hats, and shoes in a nearby closet, custom storage cubbies, or with wall hooks that double as decor. 

Invest in a Lavish Kitchen

Modern Flare

A fantastic kitchen is one of the must-haves for a lake house with an entertainment focus. Where else will you prepare all the great food you'll serve your guests? Wow your company with a gorgeous backsplash and stunning counters. Then, give them a place to sit at an island so they can chat while you're cooking. You may also want a butler's pantry with extra storage, counter space, and a second sink where you can do your dirty work out of sight. 

Add a Wet Bar

Adding a wet bar is an excellent idea if you love to share fancy wines or creative cocktails with your guests. Locate the bar in your main entertainment room, either just off the kitchen, in the living room, or in a basement hangout zone. 

Install a Home Entertainment/Sound System

Music is a massive part of hosting. Install an indoor and outdoor sound system to ensure guests can hear your jams around the house. You may also want your system to be suitable for movie viewing parties if that's your preference. 

Don't Forget the Bathrooms 

Of course, your guests will need a place to freshen themselves up during all the fun. Make sure you include at least one (preferably more) easily accessible bathroom near your entertainment hubs. But don't locate it too close by โ€” you want the bathroom to be a relaxing place where your company can take a breath in privacy. Beautiful Half-Bath View |PAXISgroup

Party Downstairs in a Basement 

A basement is an excellent place to continue the party if you want your entertaining space to extend beyond your living room. Lakefront house plans with a walkout basement are particularly popular because they allow guests to traverse easily inside or out while enjoying gorgeous water views. Deck your basement out with a wet bar, bathroom, and comfy couches. 

What Outdoor Lake House Elements are Best for Hosting? 

Take advantage of Georgia's lovely weather and bring the party outside with these exterior ideas!

An Outdoor Living Area (or Two!)

Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Living near a lake is a massive perk. Show off your fantastic surroundings by adding an outdoor living area. Install a patio outside your basement, a deck off your back entrance, or a balcony to enjoy views of the lake from above. We also recommend adding an outdoor kitchen or grill station, so you can host luncheons while enjoying the beautiful weather outside. 

Fire & Water 

Channel the elements with a cozy lake house fireplace, fabulous pool, or, better yet, both! Fireplaces are the perfect conversation zones and encourage late-night talks that bring you and your guests closer together. Meanwhile, a pool or hot tub is one of the most fun things for a lake house. Taking a dip is a great go-to to liven up the party!

Plentiful Parking 

Parking isn't nearly as fun as a pool, but it's way more important. Make your driveway and parking lot extra large to accommodate many vehicles and traffic. Extend your parking lot on both sides so your guests can park without being on top of one another. 

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Custom Home 

Fun features are just the start. There's so much more you can include in your custom home! Learn more and prepare yourself for the process with this Custom Home-Building Guide from PAXISgroup.

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