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Create the Ideal Outdoor Living Space to Elevate Your Lake Oconee Home

Create the Ideal Outdoor Living Space to Elevate Your Lake Oconee Home

You've spent enough summers sitting on old lawn chairs. Now, you want to enjoy the warm weather in style. Cue the custom outdoor living space.

Elevate your home and lifestyle simultaneously by investing in an outdoor area. Start deciding what features to include in your outdoor living space plans with these tips from the outdoor living space contractors at PAXISgroup. 

How Do You Make a Perfect Outdoor Space?

Pick the Right Type of Outdoor Living Area

First and foremost, figure out the type of outdoor living area that fits your home. Do you like indoor-outdoor living spaces, like covered porches or sunrooms? Or perhaps you prefer an open patio or deck? You can choose from gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, fire pits — the list goes on. 

There's also the matter of where you put it. Front yard outdoor living spaces significantly improve curb appeal and, thus, home value. Meanwhile, backyard entertaining spaces provide privacy and plentiful space for furniture and extra features. Some homeowners want the best of both worlds and, as in this Lake Oconee home, add multiple outdoor spaces throughout their property. Consider attaching one outdoor living area directly to your home for convenience and placing another further out in the yard so those late-night summer gatherings don't disturb anyone slumbering in the house.

Keep Cool (or Warm)

Georgia summers get sweaty. Don't let the heat keep you from enjoying your yard. Keep the sun off your back with an overhead covering. Whether you choose a retractable screens, umbrella, or roof, a cover makes your outdoor living area much more, well, livable! You can also add fans to blow away the humidity. Install overhead fans for maximum coverage or floor fans for a direct flow.

You may want to utilize your outdoor space in all four seasons. In that case, you also need to think about staying warm in the depths of winter. We recommend choosing a porch, deck, gazebo, pavilion, etc., with a roof. Even better if you have an enclosed structure such as a sunroom. Consider installing thick curtains to block the chill in colder months — they'll make the room much cozier. An outdoor furnace or another heat source is a must, which brings us to our next point: fireplaces! 

Waterfront Outdoor Living Space on Lake Oconee, GA with Outdoor Kitchen Area and Large Ceiling Fan by PAXISgroup Custom Home Builders in GA

Get Cozy by the Fireplace 

Fireplaces look great and feel great. They're elegant and add a gentle ambiance, illuminating dark evenings. You can roast marshmallows, cuddle up by the hearth, or watch the flames flicker from afar. Try an elegant built-in fireplace with a custom mantle inlaid into a stone accent wall. For something more rugged, a large pit fireplace in the center of the room might do. Or, maybe you do both: a built-in fireplace by the main living area and a large fire pit out in the yard. 

Add a Cooking and Dining Area 

If you like hosting, a kitchen or grill station is the addition for you. Install a stovetop, barbecue, oven, mini-fridge — whatever you need to get cooking. Some custom backyard spaces even include a built-in bar for all your beverage needs. Of course, you need a place to eat all that delicious food. Don't forget to add a dining area with comfortable chairs. Be mindful of your lighting in both the kitchen and dining room; they're areas you need lots of light to see what you're doing. 

Beautiful Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen Area by PAXISgroup Custom Home Builders in GA

Don't Skimp on Entertainment 

Do you know what would look fabulous above your flickering fireplace and stone mantle? An extra large TV screen where you can watch all your favorite shows, movies, and games. And if you're concerned about technology taking away from time with nature, don't worry! We can make your TV retractable or give it a built-in cover to keep it out of sight when not in use. 

Achieve Pool Paradise

A pool makes your outdoor living area the envy of your neighbors. It opens up new doors for entertaining (think of all the pool parties!). Plus, being able to slip into the water whenever the heat gets to you is a convenience you'll love. The most luxurious outdoor living spaces include a built-in pool with a nearby pool house where swimmers can change, wash up, relax, eat, play games, and escape the sun. 

Outdoor Designs for Custom Homes 

No matter what kind of outdoor living area you choose, your investment will be well worth it. Outdoor living areas add value to your home and, most importantly, your life. You'll be encouraged to spend more time outside, reaping the benefits of being out in nature. And an outdoor space expands the size and capabilities of your home, allowing for a new world of possibilities. 

Imagine cooking marshmallows over the fireplace or watching the summer sunset explode across the horizon from your new outdoor abode. Sounds pretty nice, right? Then, don't wait to make your elevated outdoor living area a reality. Work with PAXISgroup to design a personalized outside addition for your custom home today.

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