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6 Timeless Bathroom Design Trends for Your Home in Lake Country, GA

6 Timeless Bathroom Design Trends for Your Home in Lake Country, GA

When you invest in building a beautiful bathroom, you want the results to last. What's the point in painstakingly picking out color schemes, flooring, and amenities if your look goes out of style in a year or two?

How Do You Make a Timeless Bathroom?

Avoid trend whiplash by centering your bathroom around timeless design principles. Check out six timeless bathroom design trends from PAXISgroup for inspiration


Keep it Neutral

1. Keep it Neutral  

All bathrooms that never go out of style have one thing in common: a neutral color palette. Picking neutral colors is a best practice for timeless bathrooms because they're universally appealing, unoffensive, and adapt to any aesthetic. Neutrals are always in style, no matter the current trends! Variations of white β€” from bright white to ivory to eggshell β€” are by and large the most popular neutrals for a bathroom. Using whites for your fixtures like the shower and toilet is best. However, you can switch it up on your walls, floor, tiles, or vanity. Creams, light grays, or even pale shades of blue or green add a pop of personality to your bathroom without overpowering the neutral look. 

2. Accent with Stone 

Natural stone is about as timeless as you can get. The material is ethereal, carved from the Earth's craggy depths and smoothed to perfection by human hands. Plus, it's durable, having been used to construct some of humanity's most striking accomplishments, like The Great Pyramid of Giza and the stone Moai faces on Easter Island. Using natural stone in your bathroom evokes the same awe and beauty as these man-made marvels. 

Marble is perhaps the most opulent and popular choice for a stone accent, but you can also go with soapstone or manufactured quartz. Granite is also an option, but granite's distinct speckled look may not age as well as other types of stone. Whatever stone you decide to go with, show it off on your vanity countertop or in a walk-in shower with glass walls. 

3. Use Timeless Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are a practical necessity in a bathroom, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. They can also be a statement piece and key design feature. What comes to mind when you ask, "What type of tile is timeless?" If those long white rectangular tiles β€” like the ones in New York City's subways β€” pop into your head, you've hit it right on the nose. Subway tile looks fabulous with almost every aesthetic, and you can peruse many variations to your exact fit. Mix it up by layering the tiles in a different pattern, perhaps vertical, angled, or herringbone. Other subtle changes might include an irregular glaze or using your tiles to introduce other neutral shades into your bathroom palette. But don't limit yourself to subway tiles; there are plenty of other classic bathroom floor tiles to explore, such as terrazzo, marble, checkered, penny tile, and hexagonal tiles.

Upgrade Your Shower Experience

4. Upgrade Your Shower Experience

More importantly than just looking timeless, your bathroom needs to feel timeless. Your bathroom should make you want to stay there for hours. To make that happen, invest in luxurious facilities like a brand new shower. 

Instead of going for a standard shower-tub-combo, upgrade to a wet room. These extra-large, floor-to-ceiling tile rooms are quickly becoming a bathroom classic for their ease of use and practicality. Wet rooms have enough space for high-end luxury features like dual shower heads and a large freestanding tub. Having all your water elements (save the sink and commode) in the same area keeps water from leaking into other areas and causing a mess. No more tracking water all over when you hop from the tub to the shower! 

Plus, wetrooms are the ideal place to show off those stunning tiles you picked out. A wetroom can be open on one or more sides with chic frameless glass walls or enclosed to create coziness, like in this bathroom remodel. Your shower glass may have no door at all, promoting a better sense of connectivity throughout your bathroom.

5. Add a Standalone Tub

What's the point of having all that space in your wetroom if you don't fill it up with a stunning standalone tub? Whether you choose a traditional claw foot or a modern sculptural piece, a tub is a centerpiece in your bathroom. It creates a designated place for you to relax whenever you want. And let's be honest, taking a bath feels way better when it's not in the same place where you rinse off.

Standalone tub overlooking Lake Oconee by PAXISgroup Custom Home Builders

6. Mix & Match

The secret to timeless bathroom design is mixing traditional and modern design elements in an engaging, fresh, yet grounded way. Take this modern farmhouse custom home as an example of a classic bathroom design. This home achieves timelessness with a balanced mesh of traditional American farmhouse and modern minimalism. Old-fashioned bathroom decor like traditional wall sconces and natural stone accents soften the modern white-black palette.  

Timeless Bathroom Designs in Atlanta

Whether you're looking for a more timeless bathroom inspiration or are ready to start designing one of your own, PAXISgroup is here to help you reach your goals. Contact us today

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