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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home in Lake Oconee, GA

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home in Lake Oconee, GA

There are a lot othings to consider when designing a house – you're constantly seeking advice on what you should do. But, in PAXISgroup's experience, it's equally as helpful to factor in the things you shouldn't do. 

Learn from others' building mistakes with these custom home-building tips!

What Should You Avoid When Building a House? 

A few common problems with new-build houses can spell disaster for homeowners. Let's review. 

1. Not Determining a Realistic Budget 

You want a new, custom home but don't want to tank your finances to get it; that's why setting a budget should be one of your first steps. 

Don't try to come up with a budget entirely on your own. Recently, we've had several clients come to us with what they thought were decent budgets. However, they didn't really understand the costs of building the dream house they wanted. We ended up increasing their budgets by 30-to-40%, which extended the design timeline and made the entire process more complicated. 

Instead, set yourself up for success by determining a realistic budget from the get-go. Formulate your budget by first looking at your finances. Do you have money set aside for your custom home? Or do you have savings you're willing to use? Then, talk to a local lender to see what financing you qualify to receive.  

Once you know your side of the equation, talk to a local builder who can help you understand how much it costs to build your custom home and create your budget accordingly. 

2. Not Understanding the Process of Building a Custom Home 

Building a custom home is a massive undertaking, so you should understand what you're getting yourself into. Your project won't finish overnight. Generally, it takes four to six months or more just for the construction phase; that doesn't include consultation, design, finding land, and cultivating said land.

3. Rushing 

You may want to move into your custom home as soon as possible, but rushing towards that reality can lead to huge problems. If you aren't thorough in the design process and don't take your time to consider what you want and need from your home, you may be unsatisfied down the line. You may be able to make up for a rushed design process by altering the plans during construction. However, constantly changing what you want can lead to major complications and construction mistakes that will delay the completion of your home. 

4. Poor Layout Planning 

Floor plans are the foundation of a home (well, not literally). One of the biggest floor plan mistakes you can make is not considering your lifestyle. Your layout should facilitate your lifestyle. For example, if you spend a lot of time cooking with your partner, you'll want a large enough kitchen for both of you to move around easily. Similarly, if you prefer eating quick meals over formal family dinners, you may want to add an island or bar with seating and reduce the size of the dining room. 

Take time to think about your lifestyle needs and how your home can meet them. If you have a home office, perhaps you want to add a nearby bathroom or coffee bar to make breaks convenient. Book lovers may wish to have a mini-library in their bedroom, while collectors may need a room with built-in shelving to display their prized possessions. 

You also shouldn't forget about storage. It's a good idea to add custom storage cubbies and coat hooks in the entryway or mudroom; a walk-in pantry and spacious closets with built-in shelves are also valuable additions. 

Whatever you come up with, share your ideas with your designers, and they can help you achieve floor plan perfection!

5. Following Trends Instead of Staying True to Your Style

It's easy to get caught up in the hottest trends. But, remember, the latest looks are just that — the latest, and more trends will come down the pipeline soon. So don't blindly base your home on any interior design magazine you find. Spend time getting to know your style by paying attention to the designs and looks that elicit a positive reaction in you. Then, work with your interior designer to implement your style in your custom home. 

6. Choosing the Wrong Builder 

Picking a builder is the most crucial decision to make when building a house. You have tons of Lake Oconee builders to choose from, but you want to make sure your builder is the right fit for you. 

Start by researching your options. View the websites and photo galleries of top-rated or well-known local builders, such as PAXISgroup, and narrow down a few main choices. From there, be sure to schedule a consultation with them, so you can get to know their team, communication style, and building process. 

How Do I Prepare to Build a Custom Home? A Guide from PAXISgroup

These mistakes are only the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to learn, and this Custom Home Building Guide from PAXISgroup gives you the information you need to achieve your dream home. 

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